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How to Apply / Care Instructions

Quick and easy steps to applying Cura Faux Lashes:

Step 1: Measure the eyelash according to your eye length. It's usually best to cut from the outer corner rather than the inner.

Step 2: Curl and apply mascara to your natural eyelashes. (We recommend not to apply mascara to your minks or synthetics to keep the quality and longevity of your eyelashes.)

Step 3: Apply a thin amount of glue to the band of the lashes. Focusing on the inner and outer corners of the eyelash. Let the glue set for a couple seconds. (The tackier the glue the easier to apply.)

Step 4: Either using tweezers or your fingers lay the eyelash directly on your eyelash line focusing on the center lid. Once done, use tweezers or fingers to place corners of eyelash directly at the end of the lash line.

Step 5: Let the glue set. Touch up the rest of your makeup while the glue dries. Apply eyeliner or shadow over top the lash band to hide any glue.

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Cura Mink Lashes can be used up to 25 times when cared for properly. Heres a few tips on how to care for your lashes:

  • Remove lashes gently from tray with your hands or a tweezer, do not tug on the fur/eyelash, only handle from the band*.
  • Avoid using mascara on both mink and synthetic lashes. It's best to apply mascara on natural lashes first not only to intensify your look but to make applying your lashes much easier!
  • Keep them clean, after use store your lashes in original case.
  • Keep them dry, never soak your lashes in water or any liquid. Take off eyelashes before removing makeup.
  • Some natural shedding may occur overtime, this is completely normal.
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